Perspectives of Ukrainian–Hungarian scientific cooperation in field of development criteria for the National systems of the crisis soils ecological monitoring

UDC 574.5

O. Y. Pakhomov*, J. Kátai**, V. M. Grishko*, I. M. Loza*

*DnipropetrovskNationalUniversity, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine,
**University of Debrecen Centre of Agricultural Sciences and Engineering, Debrecen, Hungary


А. Е. Пахомов*, Я. Катаи**, В. М. Гришко*, И. М. Лоза*

*Днепропетровский национальный университет, Днепропетровск. Украина,
**Университет Дебрецена, Центр аграрных наук и разработок, Дебрецен, Венгрия

A problem of natural diversity rehabilitation and conservation on the basis of ecological well-grounded socio-economical development of territories is actual both for Ukraine and for Hungary. The necessity of works executed in relation to the soils state estimation is conditioned by exceptional importance of landscapes maintenance and especially soil cover at which he saves a capacity for regulation of biophilic elements cycles and recreation of fertility. Unfortunately, for today in chernozems have registered the considerable intensification not only the physical-chemical, chemical and physical degradations processes but also biological. The last is expressed in the decline of agrochemical valuable microorganisms’ amount, intensification of organic matter biochemical mineralization rates and diminishing of material well-being by the plants mineral feed elements. Side by side with this biological degradation processes in soils will possibly completely consider as resultant other, because changes in the microorganisms’ cenosis composition, protozoological associations, their functional activity, ets.

Today, for Hungary and Ukraine is important the problem of the effect estimation of anthropogenic load on chernozems and development a microbiological and biochemical criteria for the national systems of the soils crisis ecological monitoring. Adjusting of soils fertility is carried out due to the account of variety, many-sided nature and dynamic quality of biological processes what is going on in chernozems. Generous amount, various compositions of zoocenosis and high metabolic activity of microorganisms is observed exactly in chernozems which are rich in the organic matter; with near to neutral reaction of environment, soil moistening at the level of capillaries development. The substantial changes of biochemical and microbiological processes intensity in chernozems arise up during their agricultural use. Therefore determination of possibility to regulate a biological processes of humus accumulation (at the balanced bringing of organic and mineral fertilizers and meliorates, use of the biological systems of agriculture) is going on only at forming a stable chernozems microbial associations.

The special value acquires establishment of biological degradations processes intensity at the crisis monitoring of soils in which are substantially broken ecological and productive functions. For implementation of the indicated works within the frames of the national programs of soils monitoring it is necessarily to set biological indexes which are most informatively and adequately describe the degree of chernozems anthropogenic violation. The researchers of the three Institutes have been dealing with the investigation of the biological and chemical condition of soils and with the effect of antropogenic loading on soil biological activity and life for several years. The three Institutes did their own research work separately, the researchers known each other’s research activity from the international papers. Because of the similar research activity have developed the claim to work together in a common project, in which they approach the problem of the antropogenic effects on the soil with different methods.

Zoocenosis — 2009
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