Analysis of morphological indicators of carp-spawners in the limansky economy

UDC 597.551.2

V. Stepura

National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine,
Kyiv, Ukraine,


В. Степура

Национальный университет биоресурсов и природопользования Украины,
Киев, Украина,

Ponds of Limansk fish farm are located in area of a northeast site of a reservoir-cooler Zmievsky thermal power station (TPS) in the Kharkov area, on the second above flood-plain terrace of the river Severski Donets. The Reservoir-cooler concerns water basins of lake type. It is located in flat territory and it is characterised by poorly cut up coastal line. Use of some part of water from the reservoir-cooler Zmievsky TPS for the fish-breeding purposes gives the chance feeds of a reservoir by river water for increase in water exchange for the purpose of improvement of technological qualities of cooling water. Besides, Limansk fish farm is a link for resource-saving technologies – warm-water cultivation of fish allows utilising partially the superfluous heat arriving with exhaust water TPS.

The reservoir-cooler Zmievsky ТPS is a reservoir of complex appointment, its basic function – participation in a power station production cycle. At the same time it is used in the fishery purposes. Now in a reservoir representative 25 species of fishes are noted. Trade of fish products last years on 80–90 % it is provided at the expense of kinds by which it is made fish stocking. Fishery activity on a reservoir is carried out in following directions: fish stocking of the reservoir by young fishes, fishing-out fishes from a reservoir, ponds cultivation of fish on water area. For studying of a variety of manufacturers of a carp (Cyprinus carpio Linnaeus, 1758) of the Ukrainian scaly breed on the basic fish-breeding indicators: the body weight, length of a body on Smitt, length without a tail stalk, length of a head, the greatest height, has been made selection of manufacturers from pond, the sample volume has made 25 copies.

As a result of the analysis of measurements have obtained the data that the greatest index of correlations was observed between weight and a body grasp (r = 0,93), and also between weight and the greatest height of a body (r = 0,86), between other investigated characters level of correlation varies from 0,75 to 0,80 that is a high indicator. The maximum value of fatness by Fulton for females has made 3,18, and average value 2,77. For males accordingly values were 3,07 and 2,32. In general, the majority of values of fatness of fishes exceeded average value for all sample. Index of fatness above a standard level for the given breed that testifies to sufficient presence of a forage in a reservoir where contain manufacturers. The greatest weight of females surpassed minimum in 1,57 times, and males 1,36. And the variation factor to this sign has made for females 12,62, and for males 12,71 that testifies to high degree of monotony of copies. On the basis of the received results it is possible to make the conclusion, that the investigated herd of manufacturers possesses high degree of morphological monotony that defines possibility of perspective selection.

Zoocenosis — 2009
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