Реинтродукция благородного оленя в охотничий заказник национального парка Фрушка-Гора в 2009 году

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Zoran A. Ristić*, Aleksandra Prodanović

З. A. Ристич*, A. Проданович

Red Deer from Fruška Gora was a ,,domestic” game. Red Deer was widely populated in these parts until the seventies. After that, thanks to the neglectance from humans, red deer vanished from this area.

At the beginning of 21st century there was a need to get the red deer back to Fruška Gora. For this purpose a plan was made for getting the red   deer back to Fruška Gora, and the feasibility study to justify the need for it’s return to the original living area.

Fruška Gora’s hunting ground received, at the start of the year 2009, a minimal number of 36 red deer, of which 6 were male and 30 female (most of which were pregnant).

Because a quarantine was needed after the red deer was brought from Hungary, one was made in ,,Ravna”, which had 108,80 ha and was also a ground meant for keeping them long term. That quarantine also had 10,31 ha of meadows and pastures that makes 9,48% of the total size.

Based on the few decades of the presence of red deer in Fruška Gora, and also written documents and experience, possible directions of migrations of deer were defined after the release of a certain number (10 to 15 in the first year) into the open part of the hunting ground, which is the main goal of the plan and study. Reintroduction is, in fact , a plan to return the red deer to it’s previous state, which means: peace in the area that they are populating, food , conditions that make procreation possible and other conditions for normal life over the course of the year.

All these activities have a goal to increase the hunting tourism offer. This is not just limited to red deer, the same goes for the rest of the big game: wild boars, roe deer. They will be the focus in the following period. Fruška Gora also offers other segments of tourism, such as: rural areas, sport, religion, vine, fotosafari, mountain climbing and other.

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